Global Green Pothos: Care and Growing Tips

By Andrea Beck | Updated: March 30, 2023

Scientific name

Epipremnum aureum 'Global Green'

Common name

Global Green Pothos


Aichi, Japan

Checked by Jennifer Schutter, Certified Master Gardener

Global Green Pothos


After top soil is dry


Bright light


Standard potting mix, perlite






Balanced fertilizer during growing months


Bright light




Balanced fertilizer during growing months

Global Green pothos is a real showstopper with its dark green leaves, marbled patterns, and super easy care routine.

From its eye-catching appearance (that’s sure to turn heads) to its compact growth habits (perfect for those space-saving bookshelf displays), we’ve got you covered.

We’ll kick things off by painting a vivid picture of this plant’s gorgeous features (think three shades of deep green leaf and the occasional splash of white or yellow).

And of course, we’ll dive into the essential care tips every pothos parent needs – so you can raise a happy, healthy plant that’ll be the envy of all your plant-loving pals.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Grab your favorite cozy beverage, find a comfy spot, and join us as we explore the wonderful world of Global Green pothos care.

Global Green Pothos Plant Care Guide

History, Habitat, and Characteristics

Meet the Global Green pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Global Green’), a superb houseplant with roots in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. What sets it apart from its pothos relatives? A unique compact form, eye-catching marbling, and that same low-maintenance appeal!

You know those pothos with long, leggy vines? Global Green isn’t one of them.

Instead, its closely spaced nodes make for fuller vines, perfect for jazzing up any bookshelf or corner of your home. And what about the leaves? They’re a stunning mix of light and dark green with occasional white or yellow splotches, giving the plant an extra pop of visual interest.

Fun fact: Global Green pothos is more than just a pretty face – it’s also an air purifier! Who would’ve thought? This lovely plant helps remove indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene, making your space both beautiful and breathable.

Global Green pothos is a newer, patented variety created by Japanese horticulturalists with a dream – a striking and easy-to-grow houseplant. We’ll quickly compare it with some of its pothos cousins, and then get right into our care guide.

Related varieties

Related to other pothos plants, Global Green pothos has gained fame for being low-maintenance and gorgeous (the best of both worlds, right?). Let’s dig into some of its Golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum) cousins:

Emerald Pothos: An elegant variety with heart-shaped leaves adorned with a mix of deep green and subtle golden-yellow variegation. The Emerald Pothos thrives in low to medium light and is perfect for beginners.

Marble Queen Pothos: Showcases a striking contrast of green and white marbled leaves. Marble Queen prefers bright, indirect light to maintain its vibrant coloration.

Pearls and Jade Pothos: A unique and eye-catching variety, the Pearls and Jade Pothos variety boasts small, heart-shaped leaves with a mix of green, cream, and silver-gray variegation. This plant loves bright, indirect light but can tolerate lower light levels. Its compact growth habit makes it an excellent choice for small spaces, hanging baskets, or tabletop.

Manjula Pothos: Featuring large, heart-shaped leaves with wavy edges and a stunning blend of green, cream, and silver variegation, ‘Manjula’ is slightly more demanding than its cousins.

Just remember: more variegation typically means more light for tropical houseplants.



How do we make sure your Global Green pothos gets just the right amount of light for that stunning appearance?

Picture this: your plant sitting about a foot away from an eastern window, soaking up tons of bright indirect sunlight, and looking fabulous… That’s the sweet spot.

Direct sun? No, thank you! Too harsh for this delicate beauty.

How about a well-shaded patio with lots of ambient light? A perfect hideout for your little green pothos friend!

Noticing your pothos plant trying to stretch toward the light like a slow-motion dance move? That’s a sign it’s craving more brightness. Its stunning green variegation might say goodbye too, leaving you with a green pothos that’s lost its dazzling charm.

Sunlight overdose? Those once-vibrant leaves can turn into a faded memory, and you might even find tiny holes popping up like a secret Morse code. Time to pack up and move your Global Green pothos to a gentler spot with indirect sunlight!


Normally your Global Green pothos is like that easygoing friend who’s cool with almost anything, but when it comes to water, you’ll want to be just a bit more attentive.

When watering, give your Global Green pothos plant a generous drink until water runs out the bottom of the pot… then let the topsoil (about an inch) dry out a smidge before watering again. Think of it like making your favorite pour-over coffee.

Slowly moisten the Global Green pothos soil, let it settle a bit, and repeat until it’s just right. You don’t want to leave the soil soggy, though – that’s a recipe for root rot!

Not sure when to water your Global Green pothos? No worries – just poke your finger an inch or two into the soil. Does it feel almost dry? Not too wet, but not too parched either?


That’s when you want to quench your Global Green pothos’ thirst. If you’re not sure, play it safe and let the soil dry out a little more.

Underwatered Global Green pothos? The oldest leaves near the soil might turn yellow, and the leaves might even curl up. Don’t fret! Just up your watering game and pluck away those sad-looking leaves to keep pests at bay.

Overwatered Global Green pothos? Yellow leaves all over, mushy stems, and constantly damp soil – uh-oh. Brown leaf tips and small brown or black spots might mean root rot. Just pull back on the watering, and let that soil dry out first.

In the winter months, your Global Green pothos plants likes to take it slow. So feel free to ease up on watering during that time. Keep an eye on the soil and tweak your watering routine as needed.

Temperature and humidity

Let’s discuss the ideal temperature and humidity for Global Green pothos care, along with a few tips to maintain healthy growth.

Global Green pothos prefers room temperatures between 65-80°F (18-27°C). It is tolerant of minor fluctuations but will show signs of stress when exposed to extreme temperatures.

In colder months, make sure to position your pothos plants away from drafty windows or doors to avoid temperature drops below 55°F (13°C). On the other hand, excessive heat can also cause leaf yellowing and wilting, so avoid placing your plant near radiators or in direct sunlight during the summer months.

Although Global Green pothos can handle average home humidity levels, it’s best to keep it above 50%. This may be relatively easy to maintain for most homes, except in high desert areas or particularly dry environments.

A pothos exposed to low humidity levels may exhibit brown leaf tips or curling leaves, while high humidity can lead to excessive growth of aerial roots.


  • Grouping plants together can help increase local humidity for your Global Green pothos, as plants naturally share moisture through transpiration.
  • Misting the leaves can help clean them, but it’s not an efficient method for increasing humidity. If you do mist, remember to wipe the leaves gently with a cloth to remove dust and help prevent pests.

Soil and planting

Global Green pothos enjoys well-draining soil that retains an adequate amount of moisture. We recommend taking regular potting soil and adding a bit of perlite and pine bark. That will give you the pH you want, along with plenty of aeration and nutrients for those roots.

If your Global Green pothos starts to show yellow leaves, slow growth, or rot, these could be signs of poor soil quality or an improper potting mix.

Make sure that the pot itself also has adequate drainage to further prevent excess moisture from accumulating around the roots.


You won’t need to fertilize your Global Green pothos too frequently, but if you do, you’ll want to use a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly while you see growth. Too much fertilizer will look like brown, crispy leaf tips, wilting, and some root damage. These are sure signs to cut back the fertilizer, dilute it a bit more, and flush out your soil with fresh water to pull some of those impurities out.


Repotting your Global Green Pothos is necessary when the plant outgrows its current pot or when the soil needs refreshing. Choose a pot only slightly bigger than the previous one to keep the roots confined and encourage more vigorous foliage growth.

Spring is the best time to repot, as it allows the Global Green pothos plant to settle into its new environment during the active growing season.

Propagation Guide

Ready to expand your Global Green pothos (Epipremnum aureum) collection?

(If you’re in North America, this rare plant is patented by Costa Farms, which means you can’t propagate/sell it.)

Global Green pothos propagation: stem cuttings

  1. Snip that stem: Grab sterilized gardening shears/scissors and cut a 4-6″ segment of the plant, ideally just below a leaf node, with at least 2 healthy, good-looking leaves up top. Pick a stem that’s healthy and full of life.
  2. Give your cutting a trim: Remove any leaves from the bottom nodes to make space for roots and to prevent leaves from decaying in the water.
  3. Pop the cutting in water: Fill a small container with filtered or bottled water and place the cutting inside. Keep it small — this way, the rooting hormones swimming around in the water won’t get too diluted. To ensure top-notch growth, place the cutting in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight.
  4. Keep things fresh: Change the water every 2-3 days and keep an eye on your little green buddy. After a few weeks, you’ll start to see a healthy white root structure growing, ideally 2 inches long.
  5. Time to plant: Once the roots look healthy and established, you can transplant the cutting into well-draining potting mix, such as a mix containing coco coir. For the first few weeks, keep the soil moist with frequent watering, but don’t go overboard — you don’t want to drown your new Global Green pothos plant baby!

Global Green pothos propagation tips:

  • When choosing a stem, make sure it has at least two healthy leaves for the best chance of success.
  • Patience is key — give your Global Green Pothos cutting enough time to develop a proper root system before moving it to soil.
  • If you can, propagate during the growing season for faster results and a lower failure rate.

Common Issues

Global Green pothos, just like any other plant, sometimes can run into a few issues. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you identify and solve the most common problems Global Green pothos plants face.

Let’s dive in!

Brown Leaves

This might be because you’re being a bit too generous with the water. Overwatering is a common cause for browning, especially in plants with that gorgeous green variegation.

To figure out if this is the issue, check how moist the soil is and how often you water your lovely Global Green plant friend. The fix here is simple: let the soil dry out a little between waterings. But remember, balance is key. Your Global Green pothos needs water, just not too much.

Now, if your Global Green pothos is experiencing a loss of darker green variegation along with those brown leaves, it might be craving some brighter light. Assess the spot where your plant is sitting and make sure it’s getting enough natural light (not too much, though; direct sun exposure can be harsh).

Yellowing Leaves

This is pretty common for most pothos plants, and can result from a few factors like overwatering, insufficient light, or not enough nutrients. To figure out which it is, take a good look at your plant’s environment, watering routine, and nutrient game.

To help your Global Green pothos grow and bounce back, fine-tune your watering habits, letting the soil dry out before quenching its thirst again. Ensure it’s receiving just the right amount of indirect light, and don’t forget to add some fertilizer when needed for that extra nutrient boost.

Newer leaves with some variegated forms can sometimes look yellow at first, so don’t worry right away. If it’s a mature leaf that’s suddenly a bright yellow, this would warrant a quicker investigation.

Pests and diseases

Sometimes our pothos plants can come across a few pesky problems, like rot and spider mites. But don’t fret, we’re here to help you identify, fix, and prevent these issues in a jiffy.

Root Rot

Root rot can sneak up on us sometimes, mainly when our tropical plants sit in soggy soil for too long. It’s kind of like when we’re stuck with wet shoes all day… not fun at all!

If you notice your Global Green pothos’ leaves are turning yellow, it looks droopy, or it’s just not growing like it usually does… you might have a case of root rot.

Carefully remove your pothos from its pot and take a good look at those roots. Trim away any roots that are mushy, slimy, or brown/black. Next, give your plant a fresh start with well-draining soil and steer clear of overwatering.

Spider Mites

Spider mites may be tiny, but they’re definitely not welcome in our indoor jungle. They’re annoying little critters that can cause some trouble for your Global Green pothos plants.

Peek under the leaves and look for white webbing or tiny moving specks (ugh, creepy!). If you see small, yellow spots on the leaves, or leaves dropping like it’s autumn, it’s time to act.

First, give your Global Green a nice shower. Make sure you reach every nook and cranny, especially under the leaves. Spider mites can’t stand water, so a good rinse goes a long way. After that, an application of neem oil every few weeks usually does the trick. Make sure to apply to stems, leaves, soil, the works.


That’s a wrap for our Global Green pothos care guide! You’re now equipped with all the knowledge you need to keep this beautiful and easygoing houseplant happy and healthy.

Global Green pothos care summary:

  • Keep your pothos in a well-shaded area with bright indirect light to maintain its stunning variegation.
  • Water your Global Green pothos when the top few inches of soil is dry, being careful not to overwater and cause rot.
  • Maintain moderate room temperatures between 65-80°F (18-27°C) and humidity levels above 50%.
  • Use a well-draining soil mix and ensure your pot has proper drainage.

We hope this guide has been helpful and has inspired you to add this stunning, low-maintenance houseplant to your collection. If you have any questions or need any help along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Take care, and happy plant parenting!


Is Global Green pothos rare?

Yes, the Global Green pothos is indeed a rarer variety of the pothos family. It stands out with its striking dark green leaves and slightly variegated light green centers.

If you’re lucky enough to have one in your plant collection, it’s definitely something to be proud of!

Do Global Green pothos grow fast?

Global Green pothos plants are relatively fast growers, especially when given the right conditions. Like other pothos varieties, they can quickly adapt to various indoor environments and flourish with proper care.

Can you propagate your own Global Green pothos or is it patented?

Global Green pothos is indeed a patented plant from Costa Farms (if you’re in North America), which means you cannot propagate it for sale purposes. Otherwise, you can easily use the stem cutting method.

Is Global Green pothos toxic?

According to the ASCPA, Global Green pothos, like other pothos varieties, contains calcium oxalate crystals, which can be toxic if ingested. So, play it safe and keep that stunning pothos plant out of reach from pets and children.

Do hanging baskets work for this plant?

Oh, absolutely! Your Global Green pothos is an incredible contortionist that loves to twist, turn, and trail along. With its vibrant leaves putting on a dazzling show, a hanging basket is a perfect stage for the performance.

Just make sure the hanging basket has proper drainage, so your swoon-worthy pothos doesn’t sit in soggy soil — remember, rot is not a part of this stylish plant’s elegant routine. So, when it comes to Global Green pothos, hanging baskets are not just a yes, but a resounding, “Yes, please!”


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